Tilman Liebchen

"New technologies are influencing and changing our lives like never before. However, technical progress should not be an end in itself but rather lead to social progress and better quality of life."

Focus of work

  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Information and communication technology
  • Multimedia and audio / video technology
  • Digital signal processing

Curriculum vitae

Tilman Liebchen studied Electrical Engineering at Technical University of Berlin. After obtaining his degree, he worked at the University for several years as a teaching assistant and research assistant with academic focus on data compression. During the following four years he was employed as a technical consultant for a large South Korean electronics manufacturer where he was responsible for research and development projects and analysis and standardisation of innovative multimedia technologies. His particular interest is devoted to medium- and long-term effects of new technological trends on the economy and society as a whole as well as on our individual living conditions.


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