Care 4.0: Personnel development for employees in the care industry in order to deal with innovative and digital technologies

The aim of the Care 4.0 project is to strengthen the skills of employees in actively shaping the care process within the German Red Cross. The following objectives are therefore pursued with the measure:

  • To advance the field of care with regard to its own digitization and innovation culture and to promote mutual learning from one another by means of the presentation and consultation of comprehensible examples from practice.
  • Understand the previous, current and upcoming digitization measures and their impact on the work and management structures, on the nursing activities in the facilities of the project participants and on the organizational development as a whole.
  • To provide participants with practically applicable knowledge on proven and tested methods and tools that have been successfully applied in the planning and implementation of (digital) social innovations within DRK-Altenhilfe.


March 2020 until March 2021


The German Red Cross