Creation of a concept and potential study 'Scientific campus Hannover-Garbsen'

Based on the imminent expansion of the mechanical engineering campus of the University of Hannover located in Garbsen, the iit has been commissioned by the Hannover Region to investigate the future development possibilities of the location. In interaction with the Science and Technology Park, which is located about 2 km away in the Hanover district of Marienwerder, a comprehensive research campus (focus: mechanical engineering, production technology) is to be developed, which not only guarantees scientific excellence through close cooperation between industry and research, but also provides important impulses for knowledge-based value creation in the region and beyond. The study is based on quantitative and qualitative surveys of companies and research institutions, the structural comparison of three campus locations in Germany, a cluster benchmarking analysis, a strategy workshop and an estimation test.


July 2013 until March 2014


Region Hannover