Evaluation of the Environmental Protection Coordination Office

On behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency UBA, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) evaluated the Environmental Protection Coordination Office (KU) at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. The main tasks of the KU are to regularly review national and international draft standards and standards from the point of view of environmental protection, to advise DIN standards committees on issues relating to the consideration of environmental aspects in standards, to participate in environmentally relevant committees of European and international standards organizations and to participate in the relevant national and international exchange of experience. The evaluation had the aim to check the current working bases of the KU for their suitability and to successfully support the environmental side in its concern in standardization structures and processes. For this purpose, the evaluation was to analyze all aspects of the entire work process of the KU, taking into account its integration into the standardization structures, and also considering the cost-benefit ratio. In addition to an assessment of the current situation, the evaluation also had the task of developing forward-looking recommendations for action to optimize the work of the KU and to emphasize the service tasks of the KU in particular.


October until December 2009


German Federal Environment Agency UBA