Model project 'Smart City Smart Region - Municipal digitization strategies for urban development and mobility of the future'

Against the backdrop of new digital possibilities in the context of 'Smart City', the German Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport (StMB) is conducting the model project "Smart City Smart Region - Municipal Digitization Strategies for Urban Planning and Mobility of the Future". A total of 12 Bavarian municipalities and intermunicipal associations are to draft an integrated digitization strategy in the form of an integrated digital development concept (IDEK) based on the principle of an integrated urban development concept (ISEK) and encompassing several urban planning aspects.

In this context, the iit team assumes an advisory and coordinating function during the entire project period, both with regard to the client as the promoting institution and to the selected model municipalities: Thus, in addition to supporting the StMB in the selection of the model municipalities, the work plan includes the continuous processing of the project progress as well as the evaluation of the individual results of the model projects and the derivation of recommendations for action for the client. In addition, iit supports the client in the preparation of the project results and their presentation in the media. Furthermore, the model municipalities are supported technically and methodically during the entire IDEK process. In detail, this service includes support in the implementation of award processes for the necessary planning offices, the content-related preparation of overarching technical or methodological issues, and the promotion of the exchange among the participating actors through the establishment of a digital exchange platform and the regular organization of content-curated exchange meetings.


2020 until 2021


German Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport