Scientific support, networking and transfer of results for the technology program 'Smart Service World II - New application areas for digital services and platforms'

With the Smart Service World II technology program, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi) is funding 18 projects for the development of intelligent, data-based services in the fields of energy, living, mobility, production, work and medicine. The program researches and develops prototypical, overarching technological applications that contribute to the use of data in networked systems and platforms through smart aggregation and analysis. The aim is to create new types of services that will increase the competitiveness and system competence of the German innovation system. The accompanying research supports the projects by providing technical assistance and monitoring, networking and community building, as well as individual support in the development of innovative business models, legal issues and on norms and standards and IT security. The Institute for Innovation + Technology in the VDI/VDE-IT is consortium leader of the accompanying research.


May 2018 until December 2021


German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)