Support for the "Future Cluster QVLS-iLabs" quantum project

The future cluster QVLS-iLabs was initiated to develop the economic potential of quantum metrology applications and quantum computers in a regional innovation network in the German region of Hannover-Braunschweig. The iLabs act as centres for cooperation between research and industry. The iLabs will initially be dedicated to the development of basic technologies. With progressive system integration and scaling and in close cooperation with industrial partners, the focus of the quantum cluster is then to progress from basic technologies to demonstrators to application and product development. Overall, the advantages and possibilities of novel quantum technologies, especially quantum metrology and quantum computing, are to be made accessible. The iLabs are closely linked to each other with regard to the components and devices to be developed and are actively networked by the "Connection, Communication and Support Lab (c2s)" Lab. The c2S Lab intends to provide targeted support for the iLabs' implementation projects and form a closely interlinked cluster. The c2s Lab is also intended to ensure a targeted connection to the future scenarios so that the economic potential of the future clusters can be tapped.


October 2023 until March 2026


QVLS – Quantum Valley Lower Saxony e.V.