Trend analysis 'future meat'

The worldwide increasing consumption of meat products and their production conditions cause considerable problems for the environment and animals as well as health consequences for humans. A reduction of the persistently high meat consumption in Germany is therefore frequently demanded and an increased use of alternative protein sources is recommended, for example by the German Council of Environmental Advisors. Changing eating habits, however, remains a major challenge due, among other things, to cultural influences, habits and protein supply requirements. Alternatives to meat consumption are offered by meat substitutes, whose market, although still a niche, has been characterized by dynamic growth in recent years. The aim of the project is to assess the possible future developments and, based on these, the environmental and health effects with regard to the expansion of the consumption of meat substitutes. Based on this, options for action and policy recommendations will be formulated and further research needs identified.


January 2018 until May 2019


German Environment Agency (UBA)