Specialists for independent evaluations

Our colleagues of the institute for innovation and technology (iit) within the VDI/VDE Innovation + Technology GmbH have been working with the official German Evalation Society DeGEval for more than 20 years. DeGEval is an association of people and institutions working in the field of evaluation. Its aim is to further professionalise evaluation, to inform about it and to support an exchange. We participate in the three working groups "Evaluation in Research/Technology/Innovation Policy (RTI)", "Evaluation in Business" and "Evaluation in the Environmental Sector". Since autumn 2019, Dr Sonja Kind has also been a member of the DeGEval board. Through our involvement and active participation, we shape the ongoing discussions in the field of evaluation.

(For example, spring workshops are held annually in the RTI working group to promote the field-specific exchange of experience and knowledge. The work in the working groups also plays a significant role in shaping the DeGEval annual conference).