Competitiveness of the European automotive manufacturing industry

Scoreboard of Competitiveness of the European Transport Manufacturing Industry (SCORE)

Konstantin Konrad, Edgar Krune, Jakob Michelmann, Beate Müller, Matthias Müller, Leo Wangler, Guido Zinke

Due to effects of Digitalization, AI, industry 4.0, automation technologies or new mobility services the automotive industry and mobility itself face disruptive changes. In the course of global societal and economic shifts as well as environmental challenges the leadership role of the European automotive industry will be challenged. This publication analyses the current economic situation and derives a future outlook, enabling readers to better understand and react to upcoming challenges in the European automotive industry in the context of international developments. The underlying analytical work was part of the project 'Scoreboard of Competitiveness of the European Transport Manufacturing Industry (SCORE)' funded by the European Commission. The project explored, assessed and forecasted progress in research and development, new innovative technologies and resulting changes in competition, the value chain and future demand.