From Quantum Computing to the Future of Inner Cities to a New World (Dis-)Order

Results of the Second Horizon Scanning Cycle for UBA and BMUV

Tobias Jetzke, Sebastian Abel, Lia Meißner, Stephan Richter, Jakob Michelmann, Oliver Ziegler, Lena Domröse, Ulrike Knörzer, Julia Olliges, Benno Keppner

In the second horizon scanning process of the environment department, the following ten emerging future topics have been identified and elaborated that could be of high environmental relevance: Quantum computing, Cryptocurrencies, Technological innovations on the way to climate-friendly air transport, New regionalism, Resilience as the basis of a sustainable society, Mobile work, Growing through crises: The EU's changing scope for action, World (dis)order, Shaping opinions in the digital age, The future of inner cities, The future issues presented in this report have been identified in the context of the Corona pandemic and Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine. The report thus includes entirely new future topics as well as already known future topics that have been influenced by the pandemic and the war of aggression, but have acquired a new environmentally relevant quality.