Testing of Use Cases (V2H, V2B, V2G) for Managing Charging Processes in Electromobility

An interactive Impulse Paper

Lars Ostendorf, Doris Johnsen, Sandra Gensch

The impulse paper shows the range of implementations and tests for managed charging such as V2H, V2B and V2G in the funded projects of the Elektro-Mobil programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. It provides an overview of the cutting-edge activities and results of research and development within the framework of the programme, which are necessary for a fast grid integration of electromobility and have been tested both in real field trials and in laboratory setups.

The structuring of the use cases of the projects according to the current classification (Vehicle2Business (V2B), Vehicle2Grid (V2G), and others) as well as according to their spatial environment (home, workplace, etc.) is visualized. The use cases are also divided into unidirectional and bidirectional charging and are assigned to six application cases related to their functions between market-based price control and emergency control of managed charging processes. The standardization and regulatory requirements required for implementation are identified. Furthermore, the future requirements and challenges of controlled charging are formulated.