Dr. Robert Peters

„The beginning of every innovation lies in a single insight: It is up to us to decide whether our actions will renew existing structures or merely reproduce them.”

Focus of work

  • Foresight
  • Technology assessment

Curriculum vitae

Robert Peters studied economics, linguistics and literature and completed his PhD at the Faculty of Economics at RWTH Aachen University in June 2022 (summa cum laude). At RWTH Aachen, he conducted research on digital transformation in the textile industry, the history of industrial transformation processes, and European monetary integration, among other topics. Since 2019, he has been working at the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) as an expert for foresight and technology assessment. In this role, he leads study and consulting projects for federal and state ministries, business associations, and civil society organizations. Together with his clients, Robert Peters develops evidence-based strategies, e.g. for digital and ecological transformation and for the development of cross-sectoral value networks. From September 2022, Robert Peters will hold a lectureship at the Chair of Macrosociology at TU Dresden on the introduction to technology assessment. He has also been a freelance moderator, speaker and author since 2015. He moderates panels, professional and sporting events (face-to-face, hybrid and digital) with up to 6,000 guests, gives talks at scientific conferences, to business and political leaders (including DAX and MDAX companies) and publishes opinion pieces (including Tagesspiegel Background Digitalization & AI).

Teaching assignments

Lectureship for the introduction to technology assessment, September 2022 (Professorship for Macrosociology, TU Dresden)


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